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Why Covering Your Head Is A Good Idea

Wearing clothes is just not enough for many men, women and even children all over the world. It should be complemented with accessories like belts, scarves, jewelry or hats. Some head coverings are not mere accessories too. For instance, Arabian women pair the Abaya with a Hijab as this is the norm in the region.

A hijab is a veil that women, mostly Muslims or those that practice Islam, wear especially when they are in the presence of men who are not part of the immediate family. The head and chest are covered altogether and at times, only the eyes can be seen. This is a practice that is considered a part of the Islamic modesty standards.

Although the wearing of Hijab is closely associated these individuals, there are many women across the globe that choose to wear this and/or other types of head coverings for the following reasons:

  • Getting your bare head exposed to the sun for too long can cause a wide array of conditions like a headache or a more fatal one like heat stroke. A head covering like a Hijab can minimize or prevent the chances of this happening.
  • Exposure to cold weather or cool breeze can trigger certain health conditions like allergic rhinitis, sinusitis or sore throat. Covering the head including the forehead, nasal area and neck area can protect you from such episodes.
  • The skin especially in the facial and neck areas are sensitive to sun rays, wind, dust and other pollutants. Wearing a Hijab is actually a great way to protect your skin.

If you are not a Muslim or practicing Islam, you have to honor the spiritual and cultural implications of wearing of Hijab. Nonetheless, as you could see on the above statements, there are benefits in getting your head covered.